Feedback in higher education

Feedback is an integral part of education. How can you design feedback processes so that students move towards independent mastery of learning outcomes/goals? How do you scaffold your support as a teacher? How do you ensure that, as a teacher, you do not spend too much time and work giving and organising feedback? How do you ensure that students become active feedback seekers and users? How do we achieve ‘sweat on the right back’?


All these questions and more will be addressed during our special feedback masterclass with no less than two top speakers: Naomi Winstone and Renske de Kleijn.

What can you expect?

  • In-depth insights into the latest scientific findings on effective feedback strategies, feedback literacy and designing feedback processes.
  • Exchange with the experts and other participants on good examples, challenges and issues around feedback processes.
  • Practical tips and techniques to improve your feedback process and ensure student activation.





Naomi Winstone

Naomi Winstone is a British education scientist and Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Surrey. Her research focuses on teaching quality and the effectiveness of feedback in higher education. She has contributed to the understanding of how feedback affects student learning and how this process can be improved. She is co-author of the book ‘Designing effective feedback processes in higher education’ and many academic articles on feedback, feedback literacy and self-regulated learning.


Renske de Kleijn

Renske de Kleijn works as an educational researcher at the education center of UMC Utrecht, where she researches and supervises feedback processes in education and in the workplace. She obtained her PhD in 2013 for a thesis on feedback in thesis supervision and has eight years of experience as an educational consultant and trainer at Utrecht University. Her expertise offers valuable insights into how feedback can not only improve performance, but also promote student self-regulation and motivation.